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Is An SUV Right for My Family

Is An SUV Right for My Family?

Why Choose an SUV

All SUVs come loaded with a lot of features and many are known for power, safety, performance and storage space. In short, they are great family cars that give you a lot of flexibility and style. Let’s look at some bullet points that can help convince you about the benefits of buying an SUV:

  • With the power they pack, SUVs can get you out of tight spots whether you are towing a friend or trying to see over gridlock as your leave a Dallas Cowboys football game at the Cowboys / AT&T Stadium.
  • You now drive in style in an SUV from the Nissan Murano to the Audi Q7.
  • Some SUVs seat as many eight people which is perfect for big families or local soccer teams.
  • Many SUVs handle extremely well in inclement weather and then great on a major road such as the Lyndon Johnson Freeway.
  • Finally, the extra power and size gives you the ability to haul more stuff whether on a trailer or inside the cab.

Make the choice. Go for an SUV that meets your needs whether it be power, style, or handling.

The Decision

Here are three steps to follow to make your decision as simple possible:

  • List your needs and preferences reading through the links we provided above.
  • Know you budget and check the trade-in value on your current car.
  • The talk to your Hardy Superstore sales rep for guidance (since that is our job!).

Making a decision is not complicated if you follow these three steps since we’re here to help you find the SUV that meets your needs. Contact us online or call us at 770-445-9411. Your SUV is waiting for you.

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