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Maximizing Fuel Efficiency


One thing on many drivers’ minds, whether they drive a truck or a compact car, is fuel efficiency. How can you get the most bang for your buck at the pump? Follow these tips to make your vehicle more fuel efficient.

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Clean Out Your Trunk

Remove unnecessary weight from your trunk or truck bed. The less weight, the better when it comes to fuel efficiency. You might also want to remove roof racks and other accessories when they’ re not being used.

Try to Not Drive Short Distances

Your engine uses less fuel when it’ s warm than when it’ s cool. This makes it a great idea to combine short trips for errands, walk when you can, or let your car warm up before driving.

Remain Steady on the Gas

Keeping steady tension on the gas pedal will help you save money on gas. Using cruise control on the highway and only accelerating when necessary are great ways to reduce fuel consumption. Driving the speed limit also helps you avoid excessive braking.

Keep Your Tires Properly Inflated

Check your tires at least monthly to make sure they’ re inflated how they should be. This will help your vehicle ride more efficiently. Ask the experts at Hardy Superstore if you have any questions.

Only Use AC When Necessary

Your air conditioning does use fuel. Driving with the windows down when it’ s not too hot will help save you money at the gas pump. To make sure your AC is performing efficiently, make a service appointment today.

If you have any questions about maximizing your fuel efficiency, contact Hardy Superstore at 678.392.9348.

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